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The Social Cognition Research Group

The mission of the OSU Social Cognition Research Group is to promote the understanding of phenomena important to social psychology by critically examining the cognitive factors that underlie or are related to these phenomena. The group is particularly interested in exploring three particular phenomena: (1) the cognitive processes underlying the perception, memory, and judgment of social stimuli; (2) the effects of social, cultural and affective processes on the processing of information; and (3) the behavioral and interpersonal consequences of cognitive processes.

The core faculty in charge of laboratory meetings are Drs. Robert Arkin, Jennifer Crocker, Russell Fazio, Kentaro Fujita, Lisa Libby, Baldwin Way, and Duane Wegener. These meetings are held weekly throughout the academic year and have two expressed purposes: 1) to be used as a forum for graduate students and faculty to discuss research with their peers and mentors; and 2) to share knowledge on up-to-date topics in social cognition and intergroup relations. Any interested students or faculty are welcome to join this group and attend our weekly meetings.

For a listing of SCRG's meeting time, place, and schedule, please see the "Speaker Schedules" link at the top of this page. If you are interested in scheduling a talk of your own, please contact the webmaster (see the link at the bottom of this page).

The history of SCRG

SCRG found its roots in the mid-1970s after the San Diego La Jolla conference in 1974. Dr. Tom Ostrom, profoundly influenced by his interactions with other researchers at the conference (Bob Wyer, David Hamilton, and Reid Hastie, among others), began collaborations with his then graduate students (John Lingle, David Simpson, and Nehemia Geva) and post-doctoral fellow John Pryor on thematic organization of person impressions and person organization. SCRG became a formal research group in the early 1980s. Soon after its formation, Dr. John Skowronski joined as co-sponsor, in 1984. Dr. Skowronski continued to be actively involved with SCRG until his departure from OSU in 2000.

Throughout the past two decades, the group has seen many new faces, with Dr. Bill von Hippel's addition to the group in 1991, Dr. Marilynn Brewer in 1993, Dr. Michele Alexander in 1994, Dr. Tanya Chartrand in 1999, Dr. Russell Fazio in 2001, Dr. B. Keith Payne in 2003, Dr. Lisa Libby in 2004, Drs. Kentaro Fujita and Wil Cunningham in 2006, Drs. Jennifer Crocker and Duane Wegener in 2010, Dr. Baldwin Way in 2011, and Dr. Dylan Wagner in 2014. Although many have since moved on, the group remains a vibrant source of research dissemination and discussion.